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See Our List of Bridges for which we implemented the structural steel work

Howarah Bridge

HOWRAH BRIDGE the sixth-longest cantilever bridge in the world in 2013. It is a suspension type balanced cantilever bridge, with a central span 1,500 feet (460 m) between centers of main towers and a suspended span of 564 feet (172 m). Total structural works executed by Braithwaite :- 26,500 Ton.

VIDYASAGAR SETU is a cable-stayed bridge, with 121 cables in a fan arrangement, built using steel pylons 127.62 metres (418.7 ft) high. With a total length of 823 metres (2,700 ft),Vidyasagar Setu is te second longest cable–stayed bridge in India. Total structural works executed by Braithwaite :- 4510 Ton.

Vidyasagar Setu
Yamuna Bridges

YAMUNA BRDIGE the most iconic reminder of the early engineering - It is a double-decked steel truss bridge (12 Nos of 150 ft span) which runs across the Yamuna river. It boasts capability of roadways and railways simultaneously. Total structural works executed by Braithwaite was: - 2000 Ton.

VIVEKANANDA SETU – A Rail-Road Bridge is a bridge over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India. It links the city of Howrah, at Bally, to its twin city of Kolkata, at Dakshineswar. Total structural works executed by Braithwaite :- 16100 Ton.

Vivekananda Setu
Brahmaputra Bridge

BRAHMAPUTRA BRIDGE is a combined road and rail bridge over the Brahmaputra river in the north eastern Indian state of Assam. The design of bridge has 39 spans of 125 m and a superstructure of composite welded steel truss and reinforced concrete. Total structural works executed by Braithwaite :- 3816 Ton.

GANGA BRDIGE - The rail-cum-road bridge provides easy roadway and railway link between northern and southern parts of Bihar. This bridge of 19x123 m span triangulated steel bridge girders is the second longest rail-cum-road bridge in India Total structural works executed by Braithwaite :- 47480 Ton.

Ganga Bridge
Rupnarayan Bridge

RUPNARAYAN BRIDGE (South Eastern Railway) is a rail bridge over the Rupnarayan river in the state of West Bengal. The design of bridge has 14 Nos of 300 Ft span BGML. Total structural works executed by Braithwaite :- 4200 Ton.

BRAHMAPUTRA BRIDGE (Naranarayan Setu) - It is a double-deck bridge with a railway track on the lower deck and a road on the upper deck. It has a length of 2.284 kilometres and connects Jogighopa. Total structural works executed by Braithwaite :- 11200 Ton.

Naranarayan Bridge
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