Braithwaite & Co Ltd will be implementing e-Procurement for Purchases in MSTC e-Procurement Portal  https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eproc  from 1st week of July 2022. All the Vendors are requested to get themselves registered in the above Portal.   Braithwaite & Co. Limited welcomes and solicits active participation from Women and SC / ST MSE Units in the tenders of the Company.   ALL VENDORS ARE REQUESTED TO GET REGISTERED IN GEM PORTAL FOR DIFFERENT PRODUCTION SERVICES TO BE EXECUTED IN BCL.   Concerned Business Associates are requested to settle down their unclaimed EMD against finished / closed tenders with submission of proper documents. This scope will be open till 30th June'2021 and after that no such request will be entertained.

Braithwaite has over the years, exported a wide range of wagons for different applications to many countries world-wide.

Customer/Country Track Gauge Description Export Qty Year Image
Tanzania Railway Ltd, Tanzania Export 1000MM 8-Wheeler Guard Brake Van having Guard’s compartment with lavatory and separate luggage compartment (1000 mm Track Gauge) to Tanzania Railway Ltd., Tanzania Export 34 VU.   tanzania
SITARAIL, IVORY COAST 1000MM 8-Wheeler Bogie Petrol Tank Wagon 50 VUS 2000-01 wagonsitasm
ZAMBIA CONSOLIDATED COPPER MINES LTD, ZAMBIA 1067MM 8-Wheeler Bogie Sulphuric Acid Tank Wagon 20 VUS 1995-96 wagonsulpsm
ZAMBIA RAILWAYS, ZAMBIA 1067MM 8-Wheeler Bogie Covered Wagon 50 VUS 1988-89 zambiawagsm
VIETNAM RAILWAYS,VIETNAM 1000MM 8-Wheeler Bogie Coal Hopper Wagon 40 VUS 1982-83
INDACO LTD ZAMBIA 1067MM 8-Wheeler Bogie Sulphuric Acid Tank Wagon 30 VUS 1981-82 wagonsulpsm
VIETNAM RAILWAYS, VIETNAM 1000MM 8-Wheeler Bogie Open Wagon 240 VUS 1981-82
UGANDA RAILWAYS, UGANDA 1000MM Low Sided Bogie Open Wagon 60 VUS 1985-86
UGANDA RAILWAYS,UGANDA 1000MM 8-Wheeler (4 Axled) Bogie Covered Wagon 150 VUS 1980-81
TANZANIA RAILWAYS, TANZANIA 1000MM 8-Wheeler (4 Axled) Bogie Petrol Tank Wagon 30 VUS 1977-78
YUGOSLAVIA RAILWAYS, YUGOSLAVIA 1435MM EAS Type Bogie High Sided Wagon 200 VUS 1973-74
GHANA SUPPLY COMMISSION, GHANA 1067MM 8-Wheeler Bogie Sulphuric Acid Tank Wagon 150 VUS 1972-73 wagon
TAIWAN RLY. ADMIN TAIWAN 1067MM 8-Wheeler (4 Axled) All Steel Covered Wagon, Mounted on Cast Steel Bodies 120 VUS 1970-71
TAIWAN RLY. ADMIN TAIWAN 1067MM 8-Wheeler (4 Axled) All Steel Covered Wagon, Mounted on Cast Steel Bodies 30 VUS 1969-70
PAPER & CHEMICAL BOARD, BURMA 1000MM 8-Wheeler (4 Axled) Bogie Oil Tank Wagon 14 VUS 1970-71
SRI LANKA RAILWAYS, SRI LANKA 1667MM 8-Wheeler (4 Axled) Bogie Petrol Tank Wagon, Mounted on Cast Steel Bodies 40 VUS 1969-70
KOREAN NATIONAL RAILROAD OF KOREA 1435MM 8-Wheeler (4 Axled) Bogie Tank Cars, fitted with Steam Heating Arrangement & Mounted on High Speed Cast Steel Bodies 450 VUS 1969-70
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