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Cast Steel & Fabricated Steel Bogies, Draft Gears & Couplers and range of Components

Braithwaite is an expert designer and manufacturer of practically all types of Rolling Stock Components like Fabricated and Cast Steel 3 piece Bogies with a friction control system proportional to the load, featuring an excellent running performance for speeds upto 120 Kmph. Braithwaite products are approved by the Indian Railways.

Braithwaite also manufactures Dished Ends for Tank Wagons, Pressure Vessels, Bullet Type Products with materials of different thickness.

Braithwaite assembles C B Coupler, and manufactures C B Coupler components. The company is in the process of obtaining approvals from the Indian Railways for complete manufacturing of C B Couplers including Draft Gears.

Components Range

Bogies, Draft Gears, Centre Buffer Couplers, Alliance Couplers, Screw Couplings, Loco Side Buffer Assembly & Components, Bogie Centre Pivot, Axle Boxes, Bearing Shells, Scroll Iron, Rubbing Block, Bogie Equalising Beam, Brake Beam with Hanger Bracket, Spring Plank, Cross-Bar, Rocker-Bar, Side Stanchion, Door & Bolster Pressings, Underframes

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